Casual Sessions

How long is each session?

Each Mess Matters session runs for 1 hour

Is there heating and air conditioning at the venue?


What is the structure and activities in each Mess Matters session?

Mess sessions are unstructured. Children are free to move from station to station as often and in any order they choose. Each session has a dough station, 3-4 arts and crafts stations with different brushes, papers, and craft materials, and 3-4 sensory tubs.

Each station is changed every week so that there is always something new to explore.

Can I come on a casual basis or do I need to commit for the whole term?

You can come to Mess on a casual basis or on a weekly basis.

We have 3 pricing options, casual, 5 visit card, or a 10 visit card.
Bookings are essential for all sessions

Are there discounts for siblings?

Yes! To ensure Mess Matters is fun and affordable we offer the following pricing for siblings

  • 2 children for $35
  • 3 children for $45

This offer is open to siblings only!

What age is Mess suitable for?

Mess Matters sessions are suitable for children from 15 months to 5 years

Can I bring my baby along?

Yes, younger siblings are always welcome at Mess Matters. We have plenty of room for prams and strollers and many parents also feel comfortable holding their younger children in baby carriers

Can I cancel my booking?

We understand that sometimes circumstances mean you may have to cancel your session. If this is the case, you can cancel your session and receive a refund of your booking cost minus an admin fee of $4.00 up until 12 hours before the time of your session.
To cancel your booking call or SMS us on 0468 331 116.

The cancellation charge covers merchant fees and costs associated with the administration of processing cancellations .

Birthday Parties

How long are the Mess Matters birthday parties?

Each party runs for 90 minutes.

For the first 60 minutes, the children participate in the activities.
The final 30 minutes is set aside for food and birthday cake celebrations.

If you would like a longer party, please let us know.

How many children can attend a Mess Matters Party?

Due to current covid restrictions, we are able to cater to up to 49 people within our facility.

You can choose the ratio of kids to adults that suits your needs!

Is the space open to the public during my party?

No, when you book a party the whole Mess Matters space is for your private use.

When should I arrive for my party?

As only 1 party at a time is held at the Mess Matters studio, the venue will be ready for your arrival and set up  30 minutes prior to your party time.
We kindly request that you leave within 30 minutes of your finishing time to allow us time to prepare for the next function.

What happens if I need to cancel my party?

We understand that sometimes circumstances mean you may have to cancel your party. If this is the case, you can cancel your party at no charge, up until 3 weeks before your party date at no cost.

If you need to cancel your party less than 3 weeks before the party date and do not reschedule, a $50 cancellation fee will be charged.

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